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Hi I ordered just the tea and the WuYi Source people out of Pickering, Ontario sent me some diet pills too. They did this three months in a row even though I declined, and sent them back their product. They owe me three months at $87.62 dollars per month credit back on my credit card. They stated that they would credit my credit card or send me a valid credit voucher, they have done neither even though I have continued to pursue them for the... Read more

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Wu-Yi Source Tea can be purchased at Grocery Outlet at $1.00 for two boxes. The boxes are red, say not for grocery sale, and hold 100 tea bags each. Fancy yellow bow inside fancy packaging...It's just a very weak Oolong tea... Comes with small brochure about "Pure Tradition & Premium Quality" and how top two leaves only are picked...Ridiculous...It sounds as if this tea came along with some sort of a "Support Group" or seminar and says 100%... Read more

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Wuyi tea is a scam it doesnt work and they have this thing about making unauthorised debits fro your account, i have been duped ps becareful. They tell you that it does all sort of things and wont even let you know about the unauthorised debits, these so called weight loss tea called wuyi is total fake and does mot do anything. l recently made attempt to call them and they wont even pick up their calls. I have been cheated of over a £100... Read more

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YES! This Wu-Yi company is definitely a scam! I received our box of tea on June 2, 2009. On the box, it has a stop sign on 3 sides of the box. It warns you to NOT open the box or break the seal until we called a number, which does not exist! We got the idea to call our bank to see if they had any info. on the company. YES!! They were VERY familiar with Wu-Yi being fraudulent. They had a good working phone #. To call and cancel your order, call... Read more

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Everything about this scam has been detailed in numerous other complaints; I'm just adding mine to the pile. I accept the fact that I missed the "small print" (extremely deceptive, well-designed website indeed - caught me at a "weak point" in online shopping bliss!), but my main gripe is about how I requested the extra "membership" charges be cancelled in January, and despite a reply insisting they HAD cancelled and I'd (quote) "see no further... Read more

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I accepted an offer for a trial of the WuYi tea asking only for P&P payment. Following on from this I received the team which I stopped using after two weeks due to headaches. A couple of weeks later I received a further two months supply and contacted the company immediately. I also discovered that a total of £131.27 worth of unauthorised payments were taken from my credit card. I was informed that the order will be cancelled and given... Read more

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I signed up for free trial with Wu-Yi diet tea and pills. I discpvered when I received my bank statement they have already charged me twice, they have taken nearly £60 from my account. The products made me feel really sick so I want to send them back but don't know where. I feel really ***. I cannot contact them to cancel as their telephone numbers are bogus. Can someone help me. I cannot find any way to get in touch with these... Read more

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I heard that oolong tea may help with weight loss. I searched online and found Wu Yi source tea. They had listed a free trial with $4.95 shipping and handling. I checked the website for any "catches." I received the box of tea (60 bags). It didn't seem to make much of a difference, no weight loss whatsoever. I ordered the tea in August 2008. Two months later, I found that they were attempting to bill my credit card $59.95 at the end... Read more

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For those of you who don't know, WU-YI TEA SOURCE IS A SCAM! They have been charging my account for months now because I cannot get a hold of their customer service its just all computer! *** THIS DO NO BUY WU YI TEA SOURCE ITS ALL ***..HOPE YOU ALL GO TO *** ***! I AM GOING TO FIND YOU AND SUE YOUR COMPANY FOR THIS REDICULOUS SCAM!! MY TOP LAWYERS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO FIND YOU ***! They have been charging my account for 59.95 plus more for... Read more

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They are a scam. I bought tea, cancelled my membership...then they say I signed up for some other membership, and they have been charging my card "web access" & "membership fees" for 4 mos. now. I just got off the phone w/ the co. that they say I signed up w/ (some insider secret tip co.) They conveniently couldn't "find my acct. w/ them" (yet they were still charging my card). After trying to locate me by name, phone #, & e mail... Read more

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