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After ordering the "6.95" trial, I was billed $37.00 before I could even try the product. Following that

a $19.95 amount from Living Lean showed up on my account bill.

The company had the nerve to say that I agreed to to automatic shipment when I ordered the trial. This is a bold lie. Beware of Wu-Yi! Beware!!!

If you want to waste your time, money, and peace of mind, involvement with WuYi is guaranteed to take you there.

It required two calls to my bank and two extended calls to Wu-Yi company to correct this fraud. Additionally, the staff continued to argue with me saying that I had authorized this charge when I made the trail purchase.


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If there was some confusion about your subscription, we honestly didn't mean to inconvenience you in any way.  Our goal is not to inconvenience our customers .The terms and conditions of our offer are very visible on the order page, they are stated on the order page where you confirm your order, located directly to the top of where your credit card information was entered. There is also a link at the top of the home page that opens up the terms and conditions in a separate window. Customer service is our number one priority and we do everything we can to be open with all of our customers. Of course, mistakes can be made; and if you were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site.

You can talk to customer support seven days a week. Our U.S.-based help lines are also staffed each and every day of the week to respond to any questions you may have both before and after your order. Simply call us at 866-989-8949 and we will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation process.You can contact us via Email also using this Email ID:

Your satisfaction is our number one concern,



:( I called and cancelled this tea and still have 3 charges and plus I have sent it back, if there is another charge they will get a letter from my attorney.


Great, I just ordered this ***!!!!!


I absolutely love reading the comments on this web site regarding Wu-Yi Source.I do have to agree with a few posts, if you read the confirmation page assosciated with the initial 14 day trial, you can be certain of what you are purchasing.

If you don't read it, you honestly have no one to blame but yourself. I do feel bad for those of you who have "lost" money with this product.

However, there are thosands of people who are completely happy with the product and the service they recieve.

Best wishes to all.:)


WOOOWWW!!!!!! u guys had a lot of trouble with it as i can see...did people understand how the charges work?????when i ordered, the operator explained how the charges work.. and when i looked at my bank statement the charges were correct.....first is the 4.95 then, if u decide to keeep the tea for the rest of the month ur gonna be billed 59.95... then every 3 month u will recieve a 90 day supply which u pay 59.95 each month for 3 month (90 days is equivilant to 3 months esimated)... u can call to cancel at anytime..if u only wanted to try the free trial u needed to cancel within ur 14 days and send it back...all of this is stated on the terms and conditions that i just read of the wuyi source. i follow these steps and i only got charged 4.95 and that was it... :grin

the living lean part....well i never ordered it so it never appeared in my bill statement...but everybody who is placing complaints should read the terms and conditions better...instead of making negative opinions.....

my friend ordered the tea and she was having charges that she didnt understand... she was gonna make a complaint but when i gav her ``THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS`` paper she realized she was wrong.. she read it and all the charges she lokked at her bank statement were she returned everything for a full refund :zzz


I also fell for the scam by Wu Yi Source.I thought it would be a good thing to try their "free trial" paying just $6.95 shipping.

It even offered 60 day money back.

When I showed it to my daughter (she is very knowledgeable about teas) she told me this is just a simple Oolong tea with apple flavor added, and not even of a good quality. She said that if I went to a health store or good suppermarket I could get for about the same $7.00 an even better one. She also said that for the purpose of loosing weight that isn't even the most effective, the one best for that is Pu-era' (I don't think I spelled it right but you can ask for something like that in health or tea stores. So, when I saw that it would be overpaying for a simple tea you find in supermarkets, I tried to cancel, the only phone number had a recording and voice mail.

I called several times and left my number and did not get called back. Then I found a charge for $59.95 on my card. My bank gave me their number and I called them trying to get my money back by returning the product.

Up to now they deny having received the product back and have not returned my money.I am still hoping that I can get it back through my bank.


Thank goodness for this site!!I was just looking at the WU-YI tea site and was about to put my credit card info in when I thought about all the times I had almost been scammed out of my money.

I live paycheck to paycheck and cant afford someone taking money that isnt theirs. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR POSTING YOUR UNFORTUNATE EXAMPLES.



I thank everyone for their reports but I'm still a little confused.Are all these complaints on the same Wu-Yi company?

When I Googled the name, numerous companies selling Wu-Yi tea were listed.Which company is everyone talking about?


Hi I almost got scammed (cross my fingers) the day I ordred the free trial was the day I canceled because I had the feeling that I should see if there were any bad reports and I was taken to this site.Thank goodness I did.

I printed my reciept and the conversation with the lady online which stated that it was cancelled. I even asked for her to send me a confirmation e-mail stating that I will not be charged again from any of the companies. I hope that it doesnt go as far as being charged later on after I cancelled on the first day. Im so sorry about what happened to all of you, but I want to thank you for speaking out so that not everyone gets scammed.

Thank You Thank You Thank You.I will keep you updated on if I get charged after the fact



I was fortunate enough to have read the horrible reviews of this fraudulent company the day I received the package in the mail.I recently stopped working as a bank officer and always print and keep copies of everything I do online and in person.

It was evident to me they were fraudulent when I looked at the date provided on the \"receipt\" emailed to me the next day. The actual order was place 09/02/2008 and the date they showed was 02/09/2008. That is the scam. If you don\'t print screen the actual receipt that comes up at time of purchase (I did thank Goodness), they change the date so that you do not fall within the 14-60 day window for cancellation and refund of charges.

I sent the tea back unopened with a letter from my atty (and family member) advising direct removal from the Wu-Yi Source records and no further charges to my credit card account. I received a confirmation email today with an apology for the \"get this\" misdated infomation, and that there must have been a computer glitch at the time of purchase. I received a credit to my card for the full amount of shipping and handling as well.Always CYA as I learned in the banking world. I will let you guys know if there are any future problems, and I have sent my story and information to the Better B B, as well as Fed B of Consumer Protections.

This company has to be stopped.What a complete fraud!

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