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Watch out for this company. Promises are made along with pictures of people that lost all this weight on Wu-Yi Source tea. Offer is free for the product for a limited number of customers. All you have to do is pay the shipping fee. No problem with that. Then along with tea are instructions for a “diet and exercise plan”. Go figure.

Secondly, a few days after your product is received you will get instructions on how you will automatically be charged $29.95 monthly for a re-supply. I immediately called them and arranged for a return and cancellation of the product.

I recently received e-mail that Wu-Yi had received my empty box and that a 15% “restocking fee” would be charged as per the terms and conditions because a food product cannot be repackaged or sold.

Here is what is stated on their site (you have to did through the terms and conditions to find the statement about the restocking fee):

My 60 Day Iron Clad Money Back GuaranteeIf between now and the next 60 Days, you can honestly say the Wu-Yi tea you purchased did not help you lose weight, or if for any reason you just don't need it, simply send it back for a refund.I've taken all of the risk off of your shoulders.Stripped to the bare essentials - either you lose weight, or your money back. Again all the risk is on me here so go ahead and take this offer while it's on the silver platter. If you choose it's not for you, just return the empty tea box for a refund. No hard feelings.

- Jesse WilliamsPresident and Founder

First, why would there be a restocking fee for an empty box as stated? Second, what are they going to base the restocking fee on if there was no original charge?

VISA agrees with me that this is not legitimate and that they would reverse the charges. It is my mission to educate everyone on this scam. This tea may be a decent product but there are too many inconsistencies. You can buy good wu-yi tea in most health food stores and will not have the hassle that I did.

Hope this helps.

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