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I ordered the Wu-Yi Source tea for $6.95 shipping and handling and two weeks later, I was billed $39.95 on my credit card. I called - was told I had a 14-day trial for the $6.95 charge, if not cancelled in 14 days, I paid the full price.

At that time, they noted my account to discontinue tea shipments. Today, my account has been charged $19.95 for Living Lean, which I did not request, and they tell me I have to handle with Living Lean people to get it cancelled. Said hours were 700am-400pm on Saturday.

I called, hours are now 900am-400pm. Next it will be 12-noon to 200pm. Ripoff, ripoff, ripoff.

How has anyone who has been ripped off like this been able to get their money back, because I definitely did not sign up for Living Lean, although they say I automatically did when I ordered the tea.

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Magna, Utah, United States #10178

sorry to hear about your rip off! :eek But i have read a couple of articles online from people and their experencies and all the bad ones fall back with "Wu-Yi SOURCE" hense source!! not only do they do that but i heard they dont even send you the real wu-yi tea bags! i think eveyone should do just a little more research on this product and where to buy the authentic bags before signing up for anything! $6.95 is pretty cheap, that should say something right there!

i would try the official homepage

cant never go wrong there :zzz

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